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G & D Shoes Manufacturer

With over two decades of experience in the footwear industry, (G&D) believes in delivering exceptional quality shoes for the kids. G&D offers a huge range of footwear catering to all your kid’s needs. Our collection ranges from casual wear to party wear and also includes a huge collection of shoes for school-going kids. Our company targets and offers products for both boys and girls. True to its name, G&D is always on the move to achieve newer heights in the kid’s footwear section while also working on better designing and manufacturing. 

We believe R&D plays a huge part in our success, thus, we have a very strong R&D team, along with a powerful technology department that goes hand-in-hand to deliver perfect and comfortable G&D kid’s footwear. G&D also has an in-house manufacturing unit, which includes modern equipment and machinery carefully procured from different countries to produce footwear with international class and quality.

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Manufacturing Excellence

  • Through Quality Management — a concept well known in the manufacturing industry, we aim at better control of the manufacturing process for continual improvement of the quality of goods and services resulting in meeting the ‘needs and expectations of the customers.
  • We, as a company, acknowledge that a strong R&D department provides powerful insight and knowledge which leads to the advancement of G&D products.
  • We are equipped with the latest technologies like Rotary PU Pouring which ease the process of making polyurethane and machines like Direct Injection Rotary which makes double density polyvinyl to produce shoes, sandals & slippers.
  • All these high-end machines are supplied by world-class and professional machine manufacturers from Italy, China, and Taiwan.
  • Our high-tech PLC and computers control all the processing parameters and movements of part of the machines which ultimately ensures ultra-high precision and consistency, resulting in the excellent quality of shoes.
  • Great care is exercised in the selection and quality control of raw material and packaging material which results in customer loyalty, brand positivity, and top-notch quality products.

Quality Commitment

Quality is the cornerstone of our success. Every day, millions of people from all over India trust us and show their faith in us by choosing G&D products over and over. This confidence is built in time, based on our high-quality image and a reputation for top standards that have been built up over many years. High-quality product and process is our most prized possession which creates unshakable customer loyalty and unbeatable brand image.

Quality By Customers

  • G&D takes full responsibility for maintaining all the right quality standards by taking the right measures. Apart from our key departments such as manufacturing, marketing, and sales, Our Customers play a vital role in quality maintenance.
  • Our objective is to generate and retain high customer confidence and loyalty by delivering high customer values.
  • We make sure to boost and maximize our value to consumers and keep making every effort to build a strong customer relationship with our clients.
  • It’s the customer whom we serve and we make sure to leave no stone unturned to provide the best product quality and after-sale service.
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